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knowing that life truly is short and can only be lived once is probably thebest line of thinking for inspiration. all humans live on a large planet, filledwith exciting new experiences,adventures, knowledge, and a wealth of resourcesto help one with gaining wisdom and knowledge. to realize this and to allow lifeto take place in this is to responsibly live life. are all humans bound forforeign lands, foreign thought, or foreign experiences? no. should all humanshope to experience foreign lands, foreign thought, and foreign experiences?without question. having a responsible, reasonable, and mature grasp, mentally,of all that is out there to enhance one’s experience in life, is one of thegreatest blessings one can bestow upon himself. for knowing that the tools onehas through birth need to be used and practiced with; sharpened and prepared formore difficult and challenging use, does one truly and actively approach livinglife from a strong foundation.

why should anyone try to live life in a constant motion towards becominggreater, becoming stronger, and becoming wiser and more educated? why not? forfacing life with arms crossed, /pow furrowed, and expectation as a rule is,without question, a waste. living life is all about striving forward. so why notdo what one can, utilizing one’s god-given tools, to become the greatestindividual one can be? live. accept. face. strive. truly live.





struggle in the heart of the tao ancient theory, struggle today withoutlimits, and all struggle.——题记

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struggle is life, and it is also the driving force of all lifeconditions.


in our real life, will experience many setbacks, a person's whole life isnever problem-free life path as same winding /pook. this time, how should we do?is escape? or surrender? or blind? so all not line, we need -- /pavestruggle.


prodect winners necessary weapons -- struggle.


hua luogeng said: "for the chinese to dig up and reading." this isstruggle. he became a great mathematician, was entirely his struggle results.he, with "for the chinese determination establishes ambitious goals in life, onreading open mathematics heaven and earth. i believe you all want such as greatas the beams of our motherland. so, we need to establish their own team goal, towork hard. what are you waiting for? ctivity. hurry struggle life!



why do we will only shrink from difficulties? when we encounterdifficulties, instead of relying on the classmate? even depend on their parents,so useful? i can firmly said: "it is useless. soon, five, four, three, no!perhaps this will step into the society.


everyone said: "reading is the best way." and i think that's struggle isthe only way out. no matter what your job is, need you to strive, otherwise youare sleeping turn. impending death also does not know. in society, as the sayinggoes: "the survival of the fittest, sick eliminated." this is always remind usto strive for life. if no goal to strive like no eyes a fly, without direction,not yo the goal, the thing north and south are confused, so how to struggle! somake sure target again go to struggle.


new china's success, how many heroic fight for it? including now, china hasflourished rises, it is inseparable from the chinese communist party hardstruggle.


just for today i will try to live through this day only and not tackle mywhole life problem at once. i can do something for twelve hours that wouldappall me if i had to keep it up for a lifetime.

just for today i will be happy. this assumes to be true what a/pahamlincoln said,that “most folks are as happy as they make up their minds tobe.”

just for today i will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjusteverything to my own desires. i will take my “luck” as it comes.

just for today i will try to strengthen my mind. i will study. i will learnsomething useful. i will not be a mental loafer. i will read something thatrequires effort, thought and concentration.

just for today i will exercise my soul in three ways. i will do somebody agood turn and not get found out: if anybody knows of it, it will not count. iwill do at least two things i don't want to do—just for exercise. i will notshow anyone that my feelings are hurt: they may be hurt, but today i will notshow it.

just for today i will be agreeable. i will look as well as i can, dressbecomingly, talk low, act courteously, criticize not one bit,and try not toimprove or regulate anybody but myself.

just for today i will have a program, i may not follow it exactly, but iwill have it. i will save myself from two pests: hurry and indecision.

just for today i will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax.during this half hour, sometime, i will try to get a better perspective of mylife.

just for today i will be unafraid. especially i will not be afraid to enjoywhat is beautiful,and to believe that as i give to the world, so the world willgive to me.


Life is not about just getting by. Life is about reaching ever higher,building one achievement on top of another, and creating real, meaningful valuein each moment.

A common stone on the ground does a great job of just getting by. You, onthe other hand, are destined1 for much more spectacular things. Yes, indeed, youwill certainly meet a number of challenges when you make the effort to raiseyour world even a little bit higher. The good thing is, you are superblyequipped to thrive on those challenges.

If life seems unsuccessful, it’s not because of the challenges orlimitations that stand in your way. It’s because you refuse to see theexceptional opportunities that those challenges represent.

This is your precious and unique life, and it is absolutely worth all thetrouble and effort you must go through to make it great. Within you at thismoment are beautiful dreams, and you can begin to live in the direction of thosedreams whenever you choose.

Let go of the false security of just getting by, and get yourself intofocus on a purpose that will /ping your life gloriously to life. Your very ownpathway to success is just one quick step away.


It is not easy to think positive thoughts when the world around you appearsto be so negative. In fact, it can be as difficult as anything you’ve ever done.However, it is absolutely possible to fill your mind with positive thoughts nomatter what the environment is. Doing so makes you powerful like nothing elsecan.

To think positively is to alignyourselfwith1 the truth that you’reimmersed2 in limitless, growing abundance. To think positively is to pleasantlyaccept that your life is full of meaningful and unique achievements.

Instead of placing a judgement on your situation, apply your most positivepurposes to that situation. Instead of seeing the world as negative, seeyourself as a powerful agent of the positive possibilities.

If you find yourself giving in to negativity, you are selling yourselfshort. The moment you feel the slightest pain of a negative thought, stop andremind yourself how powerful you are. Do the intentional work of keeping yourthoughts positive. Because whatever you always think is where your life willsurely and steadily go.