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Surrounding you are angels, they are there to guide your path. If weaknessovercomes you, they’ll give you strength if you will ask. They are yourprotection when life seems too hard to bear, and though you feel alone at times,the angels, they are there…

Their faces may be hidden, and their voices you might not hear, but theyare always with you through your laughter or your tears.

They’ll walk along beside you, they’ll guide your steps along the way,they’ll comfort you and hold you, protect you night and day. They’ll hold toyour hand tightly, and will not ever let it go, and they’ll gently lead youforward, taking each step very slow.

When life is overwhelming, and your spirit has grown tired, know thatthey’ll be there for you to uplift and to inspire. And when you’re torn andlonely, and you see no hope ahead, know that they will nourish you, and yourspirit will be fed.

For even in the darkest hour, when all of hope seems gone, they’ll give youstrength to live your life, and desire to go on. And if your faith in Heavenshould ever fade away, they’ll help renew your spirit, and help you find yourway.

Angles are always there; and upon their strength and guidance, you alwaysmay rely.








Why do you spend your time in sadness? Know that you are the source of allhappiness.

Why do you spend your days in fear? Know that your mere sight can makedifficulties disappear. Why do you cry and ask for help?

Know that you are the best man for your own help. Why do you feel so weakand helpless? Know that you are, in all sides, matchless. Why do you feel sodepressed?

Know that you are the blessed. Why do you feel so stressed? Know that youcan have anything at your orders. Why don’t you act on opportunities? Know thatyou can go through all disasters. Why don’t you live life to the full? Know thatthere is no point in being dull. Why do you doubt your talent and skill? Knowthat you can achieve anything with your incredible will. Why do you spend lifefeeling so miserable4?Know that no matter what, your soul is indestructible.






Are you looking for a great opportunity? Well, you can stop searchingbecause it is here.

The greatest opportunity that anyone could possibly hope for can be yours.You don’t have to make a cash investment. You don’t even have to fill out anapplication form. This incredible opportunity can work for you no matter whatyour educational or professional background, no matter what your level ofphysical ability might be, and no matter what skills you possess.

The opportunity in front of you is commonly called “TODAY”. Thisopportunity is full of power and has the potential to deliver whatever youdesire. Your grand opportunity is here and now. It is in the precious,irreplaceable3 hours and moments which make up this day. Whatever the clock mayread, today is just beginning. In front of you are 24 fresh and available hoursuntil this time tomorrow, and there is so very much you can do with them. Todayis an opportunity of the grandest proportions. No one, no matter how rich,famous, powerful or successful, has an opportunity available to them with morepotential than you have today.

In fact, you have the very same day available to you as the most successfulperson alive —on the very same day. Seize it, live it, and make it intosomething great.






Time is like a sharp knife.

It can carve hard lines on beautiful faces and wear out youth year afteryear, but using it well can make a piece of simple stone into a great statue.St. Mary Academy is still a simple piece of white stone /piefly carved, but astime marches on, it may be spoiled by dust, worn out by weather,or /poken into separate pieces. It may be also carefully carved by knife intowonderful statues. Everyone at school, including our schoolmates, controls thisknife.

If I have a chance to live to be an old woman, I shall, in my peacefuldreams, seek the old paths leading through the trees which I used to travel downin my earlier days. The old bell tower, standing in the golden sunlight, makes aslow, solemn1 sound as girls pour into the church like a stream. There they willkneel, pray and whisper to their spiritual Lord about the little things in theirlives. They will ask him to help them in reaching their future goals and I canhear the old church tower whisper in return, “Yes, St. Mary certainly possessesthe most hard-working girls that shall glorify2 her with their /pightfutures!”

What I feel when I hear these words depends on whether I have done anythingmeaningful over the years. If I have been successful, I will smile with prideand contentment, for I have taken a part, though a very small part, in carvingout, with the knife of time, this wonderful model of school life.





Keep faith and hope for the future。 Make your most sincere dreams, and whenthe opportunities e, they will fight for them。 It may take a season or more, butthe ending will not change。 Ambition, best, bee a reality。 An uncertain future,only one step at a time, the hope can realize the dream of the highest。 We musttreasure the dream, to protect it a season, let it in the heart quietlygerminal。 However, we have to gently protect our hearts deep expectations,slowly dream, will achieve new life。